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Aeon CO2 Laser Nova Elite 10 zum Schneiden und Gravieren

7.490,- Euro

Aeon CO2 Laser Nova Elite 10 for cutting and engraving

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Aeon CO2 Laser Nova Elite 10 for cutting and engraving, new machine, CE Sign, 100W 1,000x700 mm, CO2 laser for cutting and engraving various materials:


- acrylic

- Wood (woods such as mahogany cannot be cut)

- leather

- plastics

- Fabrics


- cardboard

- paper

- corian

- foam

- fibreglass

- rubber


- Acrylic

- wood

- leather

- plastics

- Fabrics

- glass

- rubber

- cork

- bricks

- granite

- marble

- tile

- river rock

- bone

- melamine

- Phenolic

- Aluminium

- Stainless steel

*CO2 lasers only mark anodised or treated bare metals. 

Working range


Work table

Honeycomb + blade

Electric Z-axis table lift

200 mm (max. 120 kg)

Laser power

100 W CO2 glass tube

Laser class


Engraving speed

1,200 mm/s

Cutting speed

800 mm/s 

Maximum acceleration speed


Cutting thickness

0-30mm (depending on material)

Minimum engraving size

Minimum font size 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm

Maximum scanning precision

4,000 DPI

Positioning accuracy

<=0.01 mm

Overlong material

Yes - through door openings at the front and rear




Integrated autofocus

Red dot positioning


Control unit

Ruida RD6445 control unit with LCD display and keypad

Engraving software

RDWorks for Windows included / optional LightBurn for Win&Mac

Supported graphic format


Compatible software


Air support

105W built-in compressor


330 W built-in exhaust fan

active water cooling

built-in water cooler S&A Chiller 5000

Input voltage

220 V alternating current 50 Hz

Machine size

1,584*1,294*1,125mm (on brakable castors and feet)

Machine weight

547 kg

Nova Elite 10 100x70

Aeon CO2 Laser Nova Elite 10 for cutting and engraving

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