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Trockeneis Strahlanlage ICE BULL

8.490,- Euro

ICE BULL dry ice blasting machine

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ICE BULL dry ice blasting machine, new machine, the machine is made of high quality stainless steel, in an appealing race design, as blasting medium commercially available dry ice cryo pellets 3 mm are used, the 3 mm cryo pellets can be crushed in a patented Ice Crusher inside the gun into smallest fine particles smaller than 0,5mm, these fine ice particles are accelerated with compressed air up to 300 m/sec. and enlarge themselves with the impact on the basic material around the 700 to 1000-fold of their volume, a mechanical damage of the basic material e.g. carbon, plastic, suede, cockpit, roof lining, electronics or materials is impossible thus, the compressed air should be dried and technically oil-free, list price 8.490, - euro

Technical data: Diameter housing 30cm, width incl. wheels 50cm, height incl. handle 103cm, height housing 58cm, weight 14kg, dry ice filling quantity 2,5kg, dry ice consumption 15kg/hour, air pressure min. 5 - max. 10 bar, blasting pressure min. 0,5 - max. 10 bar, Air Consumption - air consumption 0,5 - 1,5 m3/min, depending on nozzle and cross section as well as blasting pressure and compressed air connection 3/8" safety quick coupling air gun connection, power connection 220 V AC 50 Hz, single hose system relatively low noise (depending on pressure)

The device is characterized by particularly lower compressed air and dry ice consumption compared to other devices...

Mode of operation:
Under atmospheric pressure conditions, the dry ice sublimates and goes directly into the gaseous state. Dry ice evaporates without residue, is non-toxic, non-flammable, tasteless, odorless and bacteriological and is therefore increasingly used in the food sector.

ICE BULL dry ice blasting machine ready for demonstration at any time in our exhibition hall

ICE BULL Trockeneis Strahlanlage, ICE BULL dry ice blasting machine

ICE BULL Trockeneis Strahlanlage

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