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Kantenanleimmaschine SCM ME 40TR Kantenanleimautomat

SCM edge banding maschine ME 40TR

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SCM edge banding machine, ME 40TR, new machine, CE-sign, compact machine - easy operation - extensive equipment, PLC control with graphic screen, gluing of melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm as well as solid wood edges up to 5 mm, edge magazine for automatic application of strip edges, feed chain with encoder for position indication, perfect gluing surface due to diamond pre-milling aggregate, 1.  Anti-adhesive agent spraying unit, device for heating the panel edge, gluing unit with temperature reduction in case of prolonged non-use and quick-change glue container, cross-cutting unit with "radius trimming", corner rounding unit diamond flush trimming unit with high-frequency motors and sensing rollers, scraper unit with sensing rollers for removing machining residues, 2. Anti-adhesive spray unit for finishing the edge, surface scraper unit for removing glue residues, buffing unit for cleaning and polishing the panel edges, upper steel pressure beam with two staggered rows of rubber pressure rollers, special suction hood for glue vapors, 80 mm suction hood (glue container), 2x 60 mm suction hood (flush trimming unit), 2x 80 mm suction hood (pre-milling unit)   

Glue thickness roll edge    
mm0,4 - 3
Glue thickness strip edge    
mmbis 5
Workpiece thickness
mm8 - 50
min. Workpiece length/width with roller edge    
min. Length of the plate (if cut only at the front)    
Feed rate
Working temperature    
°C20 - 190

SCM ME 40TR Kantenanleimmaschine

SCM Kantenanleimmaschine ME 40TR

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