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Kantenanleimmaschine SCM Olimpic K560 HP T-ER2 Kantenanleimautomat

SCM edge banding machine Olimpic K560 HP T-ER2

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SCM edge banding machine, type Olimpic K560 HP T-ER2, new machine built in 2019, CE mark,
"StarTouch" 12" touch screen - PLC pattern control, working height 8 - 60 mm, feed speed 12 - 18 m / min, strip edge thickness 0.4 - 8 mm, roll edge thickness 0.4 - 3 mm, min. Board length 140 mm with 100 mm min width, min plate width 95 mm with 210 mm min length (by adjusting the aggregates also 60 mm possible), support roller conveyor extendable up to 560 mm,
Anti-stick sprayer "AAR" prevents sticking of glue to work piece top / bottom
"RT-V" pre-milling/joining unit with 2 high-frequency spindles and digitally adjustable infeed fence, incl. Diamond tools Tool H = 46 mm for 60 mm board height (optional H = 49 mm for maximum board height 45 mm)
Infrared ceramic lamp for heating the plate edge, optimized gluing quality at low room temperatures,
Glue aggregate "VC-S4.1" digital glue temperature control, electronic positioning of the pressure rollers depending on edge thickness
Glue container "SGP" for EVA and PUR, with automatic dosing via CNC axes, quick change system for color/glue changes, short warm-up times thanks to small dimensions, double thermoregulation for the use of two glue types with different melting temperatures
Spray unit for sensitive edges for polluted corners, corners with protective foil,
Chop saw unit "K/SEL" with 2 high frequency motors, autom. Inclination of the saw blades 0-15 ° for caps or chamfering caps, touch rollers, backlash-free adjustment to prismatic guidance
Flush trimming unit/radius trimming unit "R-HP Multiedge 2R" top and bottom High-frequency motors with 20 ° swivel, and "Combi" tool R = 1 and R = 2 mm, with Nesting copying devices, separate machining above and below, machining correction via machine control thanks to 4 controlled axes
Rounding unit "ROUND X Multiedge" for rounding and flush milling with 2 high-frequency motors - independent machining selectable, R = 2 milling cutters, correction of machining via machine control thanks to 2 controlled axes,
Scraper unit "RAS-HP Multiedge 2R" with Nesting copying devices, R = 1 and R = 2 with numerical display of settings, machining correction via machine control thanks to 4 CNC controlled axes
Spraying unit for processing - plate cleaning / polishing
Surface scraper unit "RC-N" with Nesting copying devices and self-adjusting insert tools and blower nozzles and suction hood for cleaning,
Brush unit "SP-V" with 2 independent motors,
"SAV€NERGY" kit for optimizing energy consumption, optimized extraction nozzle control, "EASY SIZE" device for electronic positioning of the infeed fence, adjustment of the boards to edge thickness by pre-milling unit, spacers at the infeed fence, interior lighting of the cabin,
 Plate feed on rubber guide shoes by means of feed chain which slides on 2 hardened steel guides, electronic positioning of the upper pressure bar depending on plate thickness with double row pressure rollers, all high frequency motors operated via frequency converters, acoustic enclosure, underfloor glue pool, glue application via roller dosing system, extendable support roller conveyor with special support against tilting (from any position easily pulled out with one hand), very good condition, list price 88.000,- Euro

SCM Olimpic K560 T-ER2 Kantenanleimmaschine Kantenanleimautomat

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