FEICHTNER frame press RPZ 3000 VARIO, Multipresse

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FEICHTNER RPZ 3000 VARIO MULTIPRESSE, frame press, carcass press and gluing press, free standing, new machine, CE sign

Technical data:

Clamping dimensions H x W 1,600 mm x 2,900 mm, for frame H x W 1,600 mm x 2,600 mm, set-up dimensions L x D x H 3,060 x 750 mm x 2,120 mm.


  • Galvanized pressing units
  • 4 vertical press cylinders with central hand hydraulics
  • 2 lateral pressing cylinders with rack-and-pinion drive
  • pressing pressure of 3 t, self-locking, 150 mm travel
  • 1 hold-down (expandable) and 4 carcass supports
    Versatile - many applications (frame, carcass, surface gluing)
  • Ease of work - ergonomic posture
  • Time saving due to user-friendly operation
  • Frames are bolted together and can be disassembled if required

Machine immediately available and ready for demonstration in our showroom, new top condition      

FEICHTNER RPZ 3000 VARIO multifunctional frame press

FEICHTNER RPW 3000 VARIO Multipresse

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