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SCM  5 Axes CNC workcenter, type morbidelli m100f / m200f, new machine, CE version
machining center for wood and composite materials, new "JQX" 5-axis electrospindle with direct drive or "Prisma 5" 5-axis electrospindle, holding up to four processing units, multifunctional work table made of pressed aluminum with grooves, X-Y-Z in different dimensions possible:

m100f m200f
3.110 x 1.320 mm
3.710 x 1.320 mm
5.510 x 1.320 mm
3.110 x 1.620 mm 3.110 x 1.620 mm
3.710 x 1.620 mm 3.710 x 1.620 mm
5.510 x 1.620 mm 5.510 x 1.620 mm

optionally with automatic setup table TV-FLEXMATIC

ProSpace Version: 360 degrees accessible and accessible from all sides since all components as well as the vacuum pump are inside the machine, without fencing and therefore placement in the smallest possible space, protective housing of the working units with bumper system.

ProSpeed version with safety fence for high possible speeds.

Speeds: 56m / min in ProSpace version and up to 78 m / min in ProSpeed version, plate passage in Z at m100 = 180 mm at m200 = 250 mm,

Milling unit with up to 15 kW main spindle with 24.000 rpm, tool magazine with max. 44 seats at m100 and max. 60 slots at m200, drilling unit with up to 21 independent vertical spindles and up to 12 independent horizontal spindles, drilling spindle speed 8.000 rpm, integrated 125 mm groove unit, 90 degree swiveling saw unit with 2.2 kW and 6,000 rpm, additional milling unit with 4 , 5 kW and 18.000 rpm

The machine can be configured individually, so ask for your offer.

morbidelli m100f
morbidelli m200f
Multifunktion Alu-Nutentisch
Prisma 5-Achs-Elektrospindel
Horizontale Spindel mit einem Ausgang
Horizontale Spindel mit zwei Ausgängen
F23L Bohreinheit
F29LTC Bohreinheit
F31LTC Bohreinheit
FAST 14 Werkzeugwechsler
R16 Werkzeugwechsler
TRB 14 Werkzeugwechsler
TRC 32 Werkzeugwechsler
Vakuumpumpe platzsparend im Maschinenbett integriert
Arbeitskonsole mit Office PC
SCM TecPad

SCM morbidelli m100f m200f CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

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