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Plattenaufteilanlage SCM Gabbiani P 75

SCM panel sizing line Gabbiani P 75

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SCM panel sizing line, type Gabbiani P 75, new machine ,CE sign, cutting area 3.300 x 3.200 x 70 mm, main saw motor 9 kW, saw blade Ø= 320 mm, saw blade speed 4.600 rpm, scoring saw with 200 mm diameter and 6. 100 rpm, scoring motor 1.3 kW, saw carriage with independent stroke control for saw and scoring saw blade, optimized vertical stroke of saw blade on 2 steps, grooving device with manual height adjustment of main saw blade (max. groove height 35 mm), 6-60 m/min saw carriage speed, grooving device 60 m/min (forward 25 m/min) slide speed, total compressed air requirement 7 bar - 300 l/min, exhaust air requirement 2. 190 m³/h - 20 m/sec, 3x 120 mm suction nozzles, eye-M control panel with full HD touch display, SCM Maestro Cut software with cut optimization Maestro Pattern and Maestro Cut 3D Editor (live 3D cut simulation, cut plan editor, XLS data import from Excel),  Label printer with barcode, 9 pincer grippers, magnetic tape to monitor the slider position, double lateral automatic aligner consisting of a roller before and one after the cutting axis, foot switch for start and stop of the working cycle, 1 air cushion table fixed 2. 500 mm x 600 mm with stop and 2 movable air cushion tables 2.500 x 600 mm, new exhibition machine in Langen, dimensions WxD 5.400 x 6.000 mm, approx. 3,2 to weight

SCM Gabbiani P 75 Plattenaufteilanlage

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